Cat Sitting Visits

The below service packages are customisable so you may mix & match them, for example you may be going away for 2 weeks and would prefer your pet to have extra company, so you may decide to book the majority of your visits as the happy kitty but choose the 60 min cats whiskers visit once per week so kitty doesn’t get lonely.

Kitty Express

The Basics
£ 8 One Daily Visit
  • 15/20 mins in-home cat sitting visit
  • Feed and fresh water
  • Refresh/change litter
  • Pet checkover
  • Home security check
  • Play and cuddle time

Happy Kitty

30 min cat sitting visit
£ 10 One Daily Visit
  • Everything included in the 15 min kitty express plus
  • More time for interaction and play
  • Watering of outdoor hanging baskets
  • Text message/picture and video updates
  • Use of our unique icalmcat music therapy

The Cats Whiskers

60 min Cats get lonely too, think kittens!
£ 22 One Daily Visit
  • Everything in the happy kitty plus
  • Much more engagement and together time
  • Grooming session
  • Time for lap naps
  • Exercise and play, think laser pens, feathers and string
  • We love having fun with your pets
  • Lawns watered if requested
  • Text message/picture and video updates.
  • Use of our unique icalmcat music therapy

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