Pet Sit Services is owned and run by myself sharon with help from my son Ross and our lovely Dr  Doolittle cat carer David. I am a huge animal lover, having lived a large part of my life on a farm in the very beautiful rural Northumberland Countryside which allowed me to indulge my animal passion and I think I lived alongside practically every animal under the sun from cats, dogs, rabbits which we used to breed, horses, hens, which I still have and love to bits, they’re so funny to watch, you name it I probably owned it.

I suppose the only downside to this is we had to endure the tearful farewells when our faithful friends got old and passed away, but the one thing they all left us with are some wonderful memories.

Like a lot of cat sitting business’s, Pet Sit Services did evolve initially as a way to assist people like ourselves who faced problems or didn’t feel comfortable asking friends or family to care for our pets when we had a holiday or needed to be away from home, but the most important reason we offer this service is our sheer love of animals and spending time with them and Pet Sit Services certainly gives us that.

My interests are anything animal really and the great outdoors, I’m always been very interested in psychology after studying it in my younger years, in recent times I’ve gone on and studied canine and feline psychology so have experience in cat behaviours especially the unwanted ones, such as marking behaviours and stress related alopecia in cats, comes in handy when visiting anxious or nervous pets. This led me to offer our new music therapy for cats/pets service.

The manner in which we run our pet sit business is very important to us, as well as being confident and experienced in what we do, we are friendly, genuine and honest people who want the best for you and your pets. “Some people say no one looks after your pets like you do yourself- BUT WE REALLY DO!

Take a look at our little furry family-we hope you will join us and allow us to take care of yours!