Ways to help your cat when you’re away from home

Why can’t cats work on a computer?they too distracted chasing the mouse around!

It’s always difficult to leave your furry friends when you go on holiday or have to be away from home, but there are some simple steps you can do to make things easier for your pets.

  1. Hire a professional cat sitter, this is vital and ensures your to know your cat will be checked on according to their needs – at least once but preferably twice a day. A professional will be there as agreed and should send you regular updates so you have complete peace of mind.
  2. Leave some unwashed clothing out around the house, cats have a very strong sense of smell and having items with your familiar scent on (pyjamas & dressing gowns) are great as you sleep in them, they will go a long way in reassuring them in your absence. Your cat will love to cuddle up on them.
  3. Leaving some soft background music or a radio on (or see our icalmcat music therapy service page) great for anxious cats.
  4. Ensure there are plenty of interactive toys for your cat, your pet sitter will enquire if your cat likes to play and what are their favourite toys at the consultation.
  5. Keep the view. We understand the security aspect but try to leave some curtains slightly open so your cat can still see out their favourite window for entertainment and sunlight, retaining your cats normal routine is important and most cats love watching cat tv out the window and chattering at birds!
  6. Do not have tradesman or cleaners booked in whilst you are away, cats hate intruders who make a noise, this will just create stress for your cat and the risk of them escaping through doors left open by those who might not have your pets best interest at heart.
  7. Try to allow your cat access to their safe places. Whilst you may wish to close off certain areas of your home when you are away, try to always allow your cat to have a go to safe haven that they’re used to such as under your bed or in the spare room under the duvet.we have found if their usual areas are suddenly closed off some cats take to marking behaviours outside of the doors such as on the landing etc out of stress, so minimising the stress levels for your cat and maintaining as much as possible their usual routine goes a long way to a happy content kitty.
  8. These are just a few ideas that will help assist in keeping your cat content and happy in your absence, of course your pet sitter will go through these with you at your consultation and you may inform us of any special requests or funny little quirks your cat may have, we promise we won’t laugh, we’ve probably heard it before!

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