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We are a local, trusted professional cat sitting and small animal sitting service in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we’ve been taking care of our lovely customers pets since 2011.

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Newcastle’s Purr-fect Pet Sitter

You may be going on holiday and looking for someone to help care for your cats or small animals, if so, you have come to the right place, we are potty about pets and offer a 100% flexible and reliable cat and small animal sitting service and we come with a 5* rating!

Knowing cats like we do, there is simply no place like home, they’re territorial and creatures of habit and love their home comforts. Our in-home cat sitting visits are the perfect alternative to the dreaded cattery, they allow your pets to remain in their own home.Pet Sit Services Newcastle will visit your pets to feed , change litter and offer some company whilst you are away, of course they will miss you when you are away on your holiday but knowing they are safe and having a great time at home will reassure you they are receiving the utmost loving care.

Pet Sit Services Newcastle provides you and your pets the perfect in-home pet sitting experience, our bespoke personalised services offer a choice of 3 levels of care packages of different durations, from the 15/20 KITTY EXPRESS which provides the basics of feeding/litter change and of course kitty play time.

Kitty Express

The KITTY EXPRESS is a 15/20 min in home cat sitting service. This includes feeding, change of any cat litter, check of Pets, home security check as well as play and cuddle time.

The Happy Kitty

The HAPPY KITTY (our most popular service and recommended if you have more than 2 pets) this is a 30 min visit including all that the kitty express offers but more time for interaction and play.

The Cats Whiskers

The CATS WHISKERS is a stay and play visit of 60 min, this is perfect for mischievous kittens and cats who are very social and like lots of company. The visits can be mixed and matched as required and we can visit as many times per day as you need.

Home Visits

One of our fully insured, caring pet sitters will visit your pets at home as many times per day as you require. They will feed and care for your cat and offer company and play time.


We always provide regular updates, pictures of your pets having fun at home. 

Occupied Look

Just ask us and we’d be happy to ensure a lived in look at home by setting timers on lamps, opening and closing curtains/blinds


If you require a small shop for milk, bread etc for returning home just let us know and we can arrange that for you.

Other Pets

We don’t just care for cats, we love to look after rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish and even hens!

Our iCalmCat Service

If your pets are shy or nervous we don’t force interaction, we allow them their space and more often than not they eventually get curious and come to see us for a sniff or a head scratch. 2019 saw us introduce our latest new complimentary service (available when booking certain packages) The clinically tested icalmcat music therapy through a cats ear, this is particularly beneficial for shy or nervous cats.please see the link for information on the icalmcat
Pet Music Therapy

The visits are often more cost effective than a cattery, prices are per household not per pet and you get to benefit from our complimentary home services, we’re happy to open/close blinds, move post from the mat and put your bins on the drive for collection on the appropriate day and return them after emptying.

We love to keep keep in touch and are happy to update you with pics and text messages to show you how your much fun your furry family are having back home. Connect with us on Facebook to see our latest updates and pictures.

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