Puppy & Elderly Dog Visits

Puppies are a joy but can become very lonely and disruptive if left alone for long periods. Pet professionals recommend that puppies are not left alone for more than 2-3 hour intervals or they can start to exhibit worrying behaviour such as separation anxiety and suffer boredom leading to destructive behavior. Typically, a puppy will require feeding 3-4 times a day, as well frequent toilet breaks to assist with house training. All this can be difficult when you’re out at work all day. Pet Sit Services are here to help!

We know how cute a cuddly puppy is but we also recognise how demanding a young pup can be that’s why we offer a flexible service to suit all your puppies needs and development stages.

We offer a puppy pop-in visiting service where we offer as many visits per day as you require, and as well as our puppy sitting service. Please see below for details of the services and packages we offer.

What can I expect at a puppy visit ?

  • Let puppy out into the garden for a run around and toilet break
  • clean up any little accidents
  • feed(if required) and refresh water
  • Lots of fuss and play
  • Socialisation and training support
  • A short stroll (if puppy is vaccinated)
  • Pet check over
  • Complementary text message update (if requested)
  • Includes care for other animals for example letting the cat in or out


Package What’s Included Per 1/2 Hour Total*
1 Visit Customers booking 1 visit per day £9 £9
2 Visits Customers booking 2 visits per day £8 £17
3 Visits Customers booking 3 visits per day £7 £24
3+ Visits Price on Application POA POA

* Prices detailed includes care for up to 2 puppies. We can accommodate additional puppies/elderly dogs please contact us for more information.

If your puppy is booked on our visiting service this automatically guarantees a place on our dog walking service if required when your puppy is ready.

Puppy Sitting Service

If you require more than just a pop in visit our puppy sitting service may be of benefit to you. Your puppy carer will come and sit with your puppy and keep him/her entertained, clean up any  accidents, re-enforce training and assist with toilet breaks,feeding & of course lots of fuss & attention.Please contact us for further information.

Elderly or poorly pet visit

If your pet is getting on in their years or has health problems and cannot manage an hours walk we can pop in and offer them a short stroll or let them out into the garden for a toilet break. See above for price information.

What can I expect from an elderly or poorly pet visit?

  • Short stroll to stretch their legs and toilet visit
  • Let out into the garden if they can’t manage a walk
  • Clean up any little accidents
  • Feed (if required) and water refresh
  • Administer any oral medication (if required)
  • Pet check over
  • Some good old love and fuss
  • Complementary text message update (if requested)
  • Includes care for other animals for example letting the cat in or out