Pet Alert Watch Service

Do you ever worry who will care for your pets if you’re ever taken ill or rushed into hospital? We appreciate how much you care for your pets. Sometimes circumstances like medical emergencies are out of our control and we can’t be there for our pets as normal. Our PET ALERT WATCH SERVICE (PAWS) is here to help!

PAWS is a fast response system to make sure your pets are taken care of by our experts in the event of an owner’s emergency. PAWS membership affords your pet the loving care and attention it deserves in the event you can’t be there.

How does this service work?

You will need to register for this service. When you enquire we will make arrangements to visit you in your home and meet you and your pets, this is to gain as much information as we can about how you would like your pets cared for, information on their routine and diet, favourite toys, games, likes and dislikes. We can then go over the paperwork and arrange for you to provide us with a set of keys for safe holding. This will provide us with emergency access to your pets if needs be. You will then have access to our 24 hour ALERT call line.

If in the unfortunate event you have to remain in hospital or you are unable to care for your pets we can arrange to set up a daily care plan for your pets and home security this might include feeding /exercise visits, pet companionship, cleaning of feeding utensils, changing of bedding, fresh water. We also provide a home security check ensuring post is picked up and put out of sight, alternate lighting, open and closing of curtains /blinds, house plant watering. We can also obtain extra pet food, supplies if it looks like you may run short, an additional charge will be made for this service. Just let us know if any other requirements are needed and we will do our best to assist.

Our PET ALERT WATCH SERVICE provides total peace of mind for those who live on their own and worry what will happen to their pets if they can’t be there or those with partners and families.

What does it cost?

PAWS is charged at £9.99 for registration. This ensures that we have all your information along with your pets requirements on hand so that we can put a priority care plan into place. Customers registered for this service will be dealt with as a priority. Additional charges will apply depending on the care plan that is put into place for your pets. Please contact us for more information.

RSPCA home for life scheme

Its probably something none of us like to have to think about but its a fact that many animals end up homeless after their beloved owner passed away. The RSPCA operate their home for life scheme where your pets would always be looked after and found a loving home in the event that the worst did happen. If you are interested in any further information on the scheme please follow our link to the site and type in home for life.