Cat & Kitten Visits

Cats and Kitten VisitsCats, being territorial by nature, prefer to stay in their own environment, with familiar sights and smells. Our Cat & Kitten visiting service is perfect for owners who prefer to leave their pets relaxed and in the comfort of their own home, whether it be for a holiday or to fulfil other commitments away from home. With Pet Sit Services, you can spend time away from home and relax, safe in the knowledge that your pets are happy, content and of course, ruling the roost as they normally would!

We can provide as many visits per day as required to ensure you pet is safe, happy, fussed over and cared for. We find despite your absence pets are quick to accept a pet sitter coming in to keep them company and provide lots of TLC while you are away.

What can I expect from a pet visit?

  • Cleaning of feeding area and bowls
  • Provision of Fresh Drinking Water/Food
  • Litter Change/Refresh
  • Pet Check Over
  • Administration of oral medication if required
  • Lots of cuddles, play and good old fuss
  • Cleaning up any accidents
  • Home security check
  • Watering of indoor plants/hanging baskets
  • Complimentary text message updates if requested
  • Disposal of any trophies


Package What’s Included Per 1/2 Hour Total *
1 Visit Customers booking 1 visit per day £8.00 £8.00
2 Visits Customers booking 2 visits per day 1st visit at £8.00, 2nd visit at the reduced rate of £7.00 £8.00, £7.00 £15
3 Visits Customers booking 3 visits per day 1st visit per day at £8.00, 2nd visit at £7.00 3rd visit at £6.00 £8.00,£7.00, £6.00 £21.00
3+ Visits Price on Application POA POA

* Prices detailed includes care for up to 3 cats. We can accommodate additional cats/kittens please contact us for more information.

We also provide a complimentary house security check to include bringing in post, putting out or bringing in rubbish bins, alternate lighting, closing / opening of curtains / blinds and watering indoor plants. We can water outdoor plants at an additional charge. Any other services that may be required, please enquire.

We know leaving your pets at home can be a concern despite them being in safe hands, so we’re always happy to send you text and picture messages, giving you all the reassurance you need that your pet is happy and well, so you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday. We offer bespoke support on an individual basis to ensure we fully meet both your needs and those of your pet. Put simply, WE DO THINGS YOUR WAY!

If you would prefer or need the reassurance of having a companion for your pet and the added security for your home while you are away our overnight home and pet sitting service may be of interest to you. For more information please visit our home assist and errand service page.